Youwe nominated for two 2019 Imagine Excellence Awards by Magento

Our success stories PostNL and Unipart are the nominated cases

We are thrilled to share that two of Youwe’s projects are nominated for an Imagine Excellence Award. Imagine is the e-commerce event of the year and is hosted by Magento, an Adobe company. The event is held in Las Vegas from the 13th till the 15th of May and during these days the awards will be handed out. The two nominated projects are PostNL and Unipart, which are both nominated in different categories.


PostNL is nominated in the category Best Magento Upgrade and this is because the Dutch postal provider upgraded from Magento 1 to Magento 2 into a digital-first agile company. PostNL is the Dutch national postal company and they are also the international fulfillment leader. PostNL has international activities in five different European countries and a multichannel business model. The PostNL Magento webshop also caters to B2B and B2C. The webshop has 250.000 transactions and 1.000.000 visitors per year. Youwe helped PostNL with building three transactional environments that were integrated into one single, responsive platform with a unified brand identity. This was completed with a Magento 1 to Magento 2 upgrade and the new webshop was integrated with various systems including SAP, fulfillment, back office, and a high-traffic infrastructure. All those integrated systems were all integrated into one single platform. During this change, the processes of PostNL also changed into an agile, digital-driven way of working. Youwe also built a PWA on Magento 2’s fast API architecture.


Now the webshops load time is fast and even outperforming their own business forecast when it comes to online transactions. The sales are increased by 3.8% by using a Magento and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SMC) connector and the cost of IT has reduced by 40% thanks to merging multiple webshops to the Magento 2 platform. Also, 20% of the orders start by using the new Magento 2 API.



Our other success story is Unipart. Unipart is nominated in the category Best Hybrid B2B/B2C Implementation. The global distributor of cars, vans and trailer parts that specializes in production, logistics, and consultancy needed integration of product and customer data from the ERP with an entire garage management system. Youwe also integrated a Mobile App for B2C and fleet management and a car finder by license plate and store locator for B2C clients. Thanks to the integration customers are now able to log in and book appointments with ease and they will receive a confirmation e-mail afterwards.

The outcome after the implementation was fantastic. Customer sales have increased, customer retentions have improved, the customer database is enhanced, and the administrative costs have reduced. Because of this, there is 40% more traffic, the orders have increased by 75% and Unipart deals with 50% fewer phone calls and faxes.


Imagine 2019

We are really looking forward to Imagine 2019 and are hoping we will take some awards back home, fingers crossed.