Hello you creative mind, wanna learn more?

Are you a student at the Grafic Lyceum? Boy, do we have an opportunity for you!! Our team is refreshing and needs eager and creative talents who want to work for our A-class clients!

Our design team consists of young unexperienced but talented out-of-the box thinkers. Be crazy, go wild!

Youwe operates within the Champions League of eBusiness en eCommerce. We service clients like Staples, Spinnin’ Records and many more, so we will be expecting a lot from you. Then again, we offer a lot in return. Our business is not only development of complex websites, als development of online specialists. See you soon!


We don’t manage the process, we manage results. With your get-it-done attitude we’re sure you will fix it!

Business & Clients

To be an online specialist you need to know all about your clients’ business. We work for a-level brands and organisations in both eBusiness and eCommerce.


At Youwe you will learn every day. Atlassian is our weapon of choice to make sure teams collaborate more efficient and we learn from each other.

Never give up!

We are unbreakable. Sometimes it’s okay to curse as long as you get it fixed. An exhilarating “YES!” feels so good if it finally works..


  • You are currently studying at the Grafic Lyceum or studying CMD and you might even get more excited when it comes together with a little front-end developing;
  • You have some experience in Sketch and Adobe Creative Suite / Cloud and you only need to send a link to your portfolio to get an invitation by us!
  • You have also tried some things both in wire-framing and high fidelity user interface designing, or at least the tip of the ice berg;
  • You are a self motivator and an active follower of web design trends;
  • You have excellent communication skills (English required obvi) and are able to convince both clients as colleagues. We like people with vision and clear goals!


  • We care about your development as a designer, but also your personal development is important. We’ll provide excellent pro’s to help you;
  • We give you the opportunity to work on big brands, so be outstanding through amazing clients!
  • As an agile and learning organisation we make sure you’ll be up and running in no-time. Be smarter everyday, that’s why we work with only the best tools!
  • We work in self managing teams so we’ll ask more of you than just creating awesome stuff! Yes, you will improve your business senses;
  • We’re always open to improving so please, enhance Youwe where you can!

Please contact Reindert today if you’re interested!