On Friday September 30th the new office of Youwe Amsterdam will be opened! It will be a ‘grand opening’ that you don’t want to miss. Think of balloons, red carpet… ok, enough said. Join us and find out what will happen!

We need to know a few things. First of all are you coming? Also if you are not coming to this epic party, let us know. Next thing is how do you want to come to Youwe Amsterdam? (For colleagues living close to the new office, bicycle or walking is also an option).

There are three transport options*:


Go with a group of colleagues with the bus to Amsterdam. The bus will leave around 3:00 pm from Groningen or 4:00 pm from Rotterdam. The bus returns around 11:30 pm. If you go for this option, we expect you to be in the bus on the given times, on the way up and the return.

There are three transport options*:


Go by train and have the freedom to choose your own leaving time at the end of the party. Want to continue partying in Amsterdam city after 11:30 pm? No problem! There are plenty of options to go back to Rotterdam or Groningen (or wherever your hometown is) to return by train.

There are three transport options*:


Start the party already with your colleagues in the car! Do you have an own car and want to be able to leave whenever you want? By car you can drive by yourself and also take some colleagues with you (read: carpooling). Also if you don’t have a car, with this option you can tell us you would like to drive with someone.

*The options aren’t certain yet. The option that is most preferred will be the used transport. 

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See you at September 30!