Youwe nominated for the Dutch Innovation Award

Youwe, a leading Digital Agency with six offices in Europe, HQ in Rotterdam the Netherlands, and a large global growth ambition, has been nominated for the Dutch Innovation Award of AVROTROS. The award will be presented on June 13th, 2018 during a festive ceremony at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen.

On the same evening, Youwe will also be shown in the AVROTROS program ‘De Wereld van Morgen’ (meaning the world of tomorrow) at 20:30 on NPO 1. Astronaut André Kuipers will present the award to the most innovative company in the Netherlands, while TV personality Jort Kelder presents the program live from Scheveningen. In addition to Youwe, KPN and Machinefabriek Boessenkool B.V. are nominated for the award.


“This nomination means a lot to us: in our world of digital commerce you do not really see real innovation at the front clearly, but with the clever use of machine learning and smart algorithms, we help our customers optimize their processes, optimally plan their supply based on data-based predictions and also show recommendations based on buying behavior, “says Rob Wiek, CEO of Youwe. He explains: “For a manufacturer of plastic, we have developed a tool that enables the customer to order custom-made plastic on-demand and at the backend the system calculates whether there is a fitting piece or which in stock products are suitable for the customer. The organization now has as little loss of product as possible and saves money. A perhaps more appealing example is that we extract product information from images so that products are easier to find online which makes the process of information management easier and faster. For example by automatically assigning the right categories based on image recognition. These are examples of how we help companies to continue to grow in the increasingly digital business landscape by optimizing, predicting customer needs, setting up processes based on data, disseminating relevant information and going along with the incredibly fast developments taking place in the e-commerce the world. That is exactly how we support our customers. ”


AVROTROS presents the Dutch Innovation Awards now for the second time. The nominees were selected based on the Erasmus Competition and Innovation Monitor, led by Professor Henk W. Volberda of the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. The monitor does research into innovation and competitiveness based on an annual national survey (since 2006) among approximately 10,000 Dutch companies.


About Youwe

Youwe – pronounced ‘Joe-wie’, is an ISO 27001 certified digital agency. With the 120 best developers, designers, data-driven marketers and strategists. We have been working for 18 years on the international success of our customers. That makes us one of the most impactful internet agencies in the Netherlands. An agency with offices in Rotterdam (HQ), Amsterdam, Groningen, London, Kiev and Helsinki. Do you want to know more about Youwe? Read it here:


About the Dutch Innovation Award

AVROTROS, a Dutch broadcaster, wants to inform a broad public about the innovative capacity in the Netherlands and the influence of innovation on daily life. AVROTROS presents the Dutch Innovation Awards for the second year in a row in the program De Wereld van Morgen. Keep an eye open to see if Youwe wins the Innovation Award on the 13th of June.

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