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Marketing automation goes beyond CRM and e-mail automation. Not only e-mail response will be measured, but the visitor behaviour as well:

Leads will be assigned a “score” as it were, and receive automated mail based on their activity. Every step in the sales process is measured. See for yourself how marketing automation works and more by following our webinar.

Webinar highlights

1.Recognize anonymous website traffic

Recognize business related anonoymous visitors and identify their need of information. This way you’ll be able to finetune all your content and increase the relevance. Step-by-step campaigns and a connection to social media channels ensures more engagement.

2.Following up leads to 100%

Identify leads with the greatest value using automated leadscoring. Next step is to create a process where the sales department is able convert the leads more quickly and at just the right time. We’ll show you how marketing automation can enhance the sales results and makes leads that aren’t followed up a thing of the past.

3.Marketing ROI with full insight

How do you show the ROI of Marketing? How can you prove that marketing really does add value to the company? Marketing automation provides you with insight in the effectiveness of your marketingactivities per channel.


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What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation and CRM: Find the differences

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