Van Abbemuseum

About the organisation

The Van Abbe Museum is a museum of modern and contemporary art in the center of Eindhoven. The museum is positioning itself today as a large and public-oriented museum in the field of modern art. Besides “old” art as paintings and sculptures, there is a lot of freedom for artists to develop their multimedia creativity. The museum has works by El Lissitzky, Chagall, Broodthaers, Picasso, Beuys and Rodin.

“Fascination with art starts online.”

The challenge

The Van Abbe Museum has put online presence as a central part of its mission to achieve greater transparency, agency (participation) and dissemination. The Web site is to be used every day, with the aim of inspiring people. Not everyone can eventually come to the museum. This change showed that the final site should be controlled by anyone in the organization. Accessibility, ease of use and better overview of the management of the website is essential.
In addition, the central inspiration. The appearance of the website was to provide an overview of the collection and of the museum. Form and function thereby gained an important place in the new website.

The Van Abbemuseum online experience included the following challenges:

1. The website was seen as something belonging to one single department; with the new website, anyone must be able to work. This idea was initially perceived as scary.
2. The presence of legacy systems, through which some of the elements were more difficult to convert.
3. The existing website did not inspire.

“Increased popularity through the new digital environment.”

The result

Youwe has, in a phenomenal manner, managed to make the collection accessible from both ordinary computers and mobile devices. This fully met the stated wishes as expressed in the annual plan of the museum. As a result, we see an increase in the number of visitors via mobile devices, as well as a longer visit duration on the website.
Especially if we look at competitors like Boymans Van Beuningen, the Hague Municipal Museum and the Stedelijk Museum then the website of the Van Abbemuseum offers a greater experience. It inspires to further click through and discover. The interface is intuitive and user friendly. The view is nice and readable. It is thus at odds with the traditional image of modern art museums as institutions that are only visible offline. The Van Abbemuseum website goes beyond the goal of displaying the collection and covers also the public function.

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Online experience

Success factors

  • The design of a website with the look of a brand (brand)
  • Museum collection available via the website
  • Each page an experience for the visitor
  • Suitable for Mobile Devices