About the organisation

Kennisnet is a public ICT partner for education. Kennisnet provides educational institutions with independent and free advice on the use and implementation of ICT. Kennisnet also provides an online platform where digital learning is centrally accessible.

“Working more efficiently from one central point.”

The challenge

Kennisnet consists of a large number of websites. These were initially managed in various CMS systems. The editorial office of these websites was distributed throughout the organization. As a result, the costs of maintenance and management were always high. The old infrastructure was difficult to secure and the content management no longer met the needs of the editors. Kennisnet therefore sought a robust multi-site solution in which all websites were going to be managed efficiently.

Kennisnet has an editorial staff of more than 20 editors. Each with its own work method. The organization was looking for more uniformity in work and was especially eager to accelerate the editing process. The software development team of Kennisnet was also assigned serve an active role in the realization of the project.

“Thanks to Youwe, Kennisnet users can now deploy new sites with ease.”

The result

Kennisnet is now able, through its new platform, to quickly deploy sites and independent front-end places in the CMS. This makes Kennisnet less dependent on its suppliers, and is able to operate in a more cost-effective manner. Because the editorial board was closely involved in the development of the platform the training time for new editors can be reduced to 2 hours.

Because safety is paramount, the development team worked in accordance with the four-eye principle. This way, the developed code was checked by a second programmer at the highest security standards. Meanwhile, a version of TYPO3 was used which offers security updates for three years.

Questions about the case?

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Ease of use

Open source

Success factors

  • Open-Source platform for which other vendors can provide extensions
  • Kennisnet itself able to develop front-end templates and content objects
  • Training of the editorial board and of software developers
  • Lower costs in setting up new subsites