About the organisation

Cefetra supplies raw materials to the feed, food and fuel industries. This includes the animal feed, food-related supplies, starch and biofuels industry. Raw materials are purchased from selected suppliers worldwide with which Cefetra maintains a long-term relationship.

“The fast pace of our business requires a mobile solution.”

The challenge

Cefetra trades annually approximately 15.5 tones of agricultural commodities from international suppliers to the European market. This trade takes place through so-called futures in the commodity market. These are agreements on deliveries made in the future. How do you determine the price of a commodity that comes in a year? What influences the price? And what information do you need to fix this price?

The new portal of Cefetra answers precisely these customer questions. Information is available for customers and traders at the right time and only when it is relevant. Only traders can make the judgment; buy or wait. With the new platform, Cefetra offers its clients full service online. All information in one convenient portal and accessible via all mobile devices. This allows traders to act from everywhere and faster. They can fully concentrate through the portal on trading commodities.

The commodity trade is international and so is the platform of Cefetra. It supports the various business units in North and Central Europe. Each location has the right tools so that they can serve their local markets best. The local aspect was the biggest challenge. In futures, speed and reliability are crucial to success. Traders must receive prices and market information as soon as possible in order to make decisions regarding their global portfolio. Mutations happen in rapid succession and a trader must be able to act quickly. In futures, trading can have serious financial implications because of a small time-factor.

“Due to the Youwe data layer we can scale without additional licensing fees.”

The result

Cefetra has now an international trading platform integrated with their back-office. This way Cefetra can quickly tap into new markets. Due to the clever self-service features, the provisioning of the different parties can now be controlled by the customer.

This does not only provide a large speed advantage, but also saves costs. The localized approach also reduced the thresholds thus tapping into new markets is easier. The new corporate styling gives Cefetra further international allure befitting an organization with ambition.

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Online customer service

Success factors

  • New corporate branding
  • Multilingual platform
  • Excellent usability for both mobile and tablet as well as desktop
  • 100% compatible with Blackberry
  • Dynamic dashboards with historical price data
  • RSS feeds filtered by user
  • Automated publishing e-mail news
  • Integration DB2 database for the logistics process
  • Integration stock information Reuters
  • Smart filters information based on product characteristics