About the organisation

Founded in 1925, and part of BNN VARA, this progressive media company is committed to a socially just and sustainable society. Through a diverse program offering it aspires not only to reach a large audience and entertain, but also to inform. VARA does this through a diverse and cross-media programme offering on TV, Radio and Internet with formats such as “The World Keeps Turning”, “Cash”, “GIEL!’ , ‘Wiser by the second’ and ‘Early Birds’.

“Online expansion leads to a more complete experience for the audience.”

The challenge

VARA and MediaMonks approached Youwe with a concept for the realization of the “Nature Map & Garden Sanctuaries of the Netherlands” as part of the new website for Early Birds, one of the oldest and most listened to radio programs on Sunday morning public broadcasting.
In order for the Early Birds online community to continue bonding with the programme, the objective was to develop and add an innovative component to the site where nature in the Netherlands is mapped which encourages user contributions in a special and interactive way.

For VARA, it was important not only that Nature Card would fully meet the intended user interaction, but also that this custom piece could be seamlessly integrated into the new Early Birds website.
Especially since the TYPO3 site was to be added within VARA’s multi-site infrastructure and therefore proper alignment on both technical and internal processes was required.

” Social interaction provides excellent user experience. “

The result

Youwe developed a custom TYPO3 platform for central management of destinations on a map. With the realization of the Nature Reserves Map & Garden, VARA includes two innovative tools to carry out further the Early Birds community proposition in a distinctive manner. Not only to bond with the existing audience, but also to bond with new members. The platform’s success is also evident from the fact that, after the additional development of these two parts, the Early Birds website is nominated in the category Online for the Prix Europa in 2012.

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Web guidelines-proof

Success factors

  • Registration and e-mail flow
  • Photo gallery
  • User management
  • Extensive integration of Google Maps using the Google Maps API
  • Integration with VARA infrastructure
  • Cookie-wall webguidelines
  • Forum
  • News feed
  • Membership functionality
  • “Upload and share your photos” feature
  • RSS feed
  • Podcast