About the organisation

Ziggo Retail Battle aimed to make sellers in Ziggo’s retail channel playfully aware of the specific questions they can ask a potential customer to advise and sell suitable Ziggo products. This so-called ‘serious’ game played by more than 40 different outlets. In a short time and at the highest quality Youwe completed this game which was commissioned by IJsfontein.

” A serios game to improve the competencies of representatives.”

The challenge

In cooperation with the training agency Vergouwen Overduin, IJsfontein developed an innovative game concept for B2B Ziggo retailers: Ziggo Retail Battle. For the technical realization IJsfontein approached Youwe.
The starting point for this ‘serious’ game was that vendors in Ziggo’s retail channel playfully should be made aware of the specific questions that they can ask a potential customer while advising and selling Ziggo products.

Finding a multidisciplinary web agency that is able to translate a unique game concept within 1 month to a flawlessly working application without compromising in any way on gaming or business logic.
To this end IJsfontein has devised a game in which the player must attempt to achieve the highest possible score in subsequent rounds (waves) to match the needs of a wide range of customer types with a selection of three products from the  product range of Ziggo. All this on the basis of pre-selected topics.
In addition to the subjective score of a player, there is also a competitive element to be added in the form of the Retail Battle Ranking. This means that the total score for each store is kept in a high score ranking. This is to see at a glance how well a site relative to other participating stacks up.

“Pixel perfect accompanied by visual elements that enable the player to have an excellent serious-gaming experience.”

The result

Low TCO: On the application framework developed for this game further developments can be added.
Cross-platform: Unique combination of mobile application development with database / CMS development.
Speed & Flexibility: Very short lead time to realize the concept of preserving the space to handle new interim customer needs.


Frequent participation

Success factors

Developed for serious gaming concept which:

  • Contains all game logic
  • From a backend CMS is fully manageable (such as managing content, game add rounds, user management)
  • Can generate email communication (user sign-up)
  • Can import data files offline (Excel import)
  • Suitable for all viewports (desktop, tablet and mobile)
  • Platform independent (working on any OS)