Spinnin’ Records

About the organisation

Spinnin ‘Records is a Dutch record label, based in Hilversum, regarded as the largest record label in the field of dance music in the world. Spinnin’ Records has many known dance-, house and trance DJs. We recognize them from the successful launch of Superstar DJs like Afrojack, Martin Garrix, Avicii and many others.

After 10-thousand uploads on Facebook and almost a million votes, Spinnin’ decided  to build their own community. Because of its multidisciplinary approach Spinnin’ chose Youwe as the right strategic partner.

‘ Spinnin’ responds to changes in the music world and offers talent a chance to show themselves and speak through his or her music.’ 

The challenge

Upload your tracks via Soundcloud and make sure your track gets listened to, shared and voted. Talented producers come together here under the watchful eye of Spinnin’ Records.

The audience plays an important role. Music fans sign up via social media or e-mail. Share, comment and vote on the track of your preference, so that real talent is visible. Earn points and win awards based on your performance.

” Share, comment and vote on the track of your preference, so that real talent becomes visible ”

The result

Every year, every day, every second music changes. Even as we speak. The world asks constantly for new developments. Spinnin’ does this in a fresh way and offers talent a chance to make themselves visible and distinguishable.
The result? Talent gets the chance to make themselves visible in a simple and honest community, and spinnin ‘gets an overview of the real players among the producing talent.

Youwe is an interactive agency with a mission. We see opportunities. Opportunities to make organizations more effective and relevant in the future. Inspired by the ‘power of the crowd’ and aided by the power of open source. We do this together: ‘You’ and ‘We’.

Questions about the case?

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Tracks per day


Success factors

  • Easily upload your tracks in the talent pool
  • Real talent becomes visible
  • Easily share your tracks on social media channels
  • Honest and real opportunities through voting
  • Earn awards based on your performance
  • Multi-device so your music can be heard everywhere