Hollandsch Welvaren

About the organisation

Expert in the field of online and offline health information and prevention. Hollands Welvaren can safely call themselves. No fewer than 100 municipalities, municipal health services, mental health care and other healthcare professionals are among their clientele.

Hollands Welvaren helps municipalities to inform (young) families about upbringing and parenting. “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”. A belief which brought them to form a partnership with Youwe.

“One central SaaS platform for all the interactions between parties.”

The challenge

Hollands Welvaren must move with the times. The offline campaign is of great standards, but the current times demand a solid set of online channels. The ambition is that  Hollands Welvaren editors as well as municipalities can work on the same content..

This cannot be fixed in a blink of an eye. This process lacked an infrastructure for structuring content and publishing through multiple channels. The security and the lack of a Multi Tenant approach formed a threshold, all functionalities will be available to everyone. And of course via tablet and mobile. As befits a firm online approach.

” A digital environment that enables Hollandsch Welvaren to innovate their business model.”

The result

Subscriptions make their entrance, thanks to SaaS solution, and make consistent income a fact.

Thanks to a single SaaS platform Hollands Welvaren delivers  content changes and new features more quickly to their customers. With a simple template each municipality has now its own website and the submitted content contributes to the traceability on the Internet. Wide integration of systems ensures smooth collaboration and enhanced user experience.

But the bar is higher. In time the focus will be on mobile. A multidisciplinary collaboration between Manila, Youwe and Hollands Welvaren provided the finishing touch.

Questions about the case?

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User Experience

Success factors

  • One SaaS solution for everyone
  • Each municipality has own website
  • Integration with other systems, synchronization of content
  • Findable in search engines (SEO)
  • Conforming with security and privacy requirements