CMS goes beyond content. CMS is all about experience.

Access to a unique customer experience at any time, and anywhere. That’s what the modern customer expects. We strive to help organisations form their customer experience, and our CMS platforms will take care of the rest.


Solutions for enterprises, governments or non-profit organisations. Design and technique go hand in hand for corporate websites, communities and toptakenwebsites.

  • Multisite Management
  • Responsive on mobile, tablet & desktop
  • Relevant content personalized
  • Interaction with the portal, eCommerce or community
  • Tracking & Profile buildup for visitors
  • ROI-measurement & improvement customer experience


Multichannel & Multisite

Simple management and publication of content on all channels, via web, mobile & social media.

Effective & Efficient use

A smart feat of contentmanagement and automated workflows aimed to create and publicate.


Improve your relevance by targetting visitors with the help of dynamic content.

Fully integrated

Many and proper integration possibilities with the portal, eCommerce and/or business intelligence.

Visible online presence

Realise maximal visibility with effective search engine & SEO marketing.

Improve ROI customer experience

Learn more about the behaviour of your customers and improve the customer experience.


With several dosens of years of experience, over 110 employees and 4 locations throughout the Netherlands, Youwe forms one of the leading CMS suppliers in the Netherlands.

Youwe has been developing websites since the year 2000 and started actively working with several Content Management Systems. Youwe is a TYPO3 Gold Member and Drupal Supporting Partner. Our company is run by a large team filled with experienced employees, with each their own specialty. With these advanced teams we have been realising complex solutions since the start.

Development - 9 years experience
Design - 8 years experience
Marketing - 7 years experience


For over 15 years Youwe has been working together with companies that see eBusiness as mission-critical. With 110 eomployees, down to earth, working for national and international clients.

SNS Bank
Spinnin Records
Post NL
  • “Incredible…we won the Website-of-the-year prize!”

    Rogier van de Hoef
    Director Cross Media - 24 KITCHEN
  • ” More and better leads. That was on the wish list of ITmobile.  With Youwe’s tool our acquisition process and the follow-up runs smooth as slik.”

    Marlies Vringer
    Marketing Manager - ITmobile
  • “In recent years we experienced incredbile growth, with all the challenges that entails. Youwe has been able to keep up with our pace.”

    Melanie Wouters
    Directeur - WLS
  • “Omroep MAX makes it accessible for senior viewers.”

    Frank Mulder
    Internet Coördinator - OMROEP MAX
  • “Working with Youwe provides the feeling of a multidisciplinary team that solve problems in a second.”

    Meindert Kennis Spinnin Records
    Chief Marketing Officer - Spinnin Records
  • “From the first moment I noticed that Youwe is different. I never felt a client subcontractor relationship. Youwe is going for the end result. They’ll do anything for it.”


    Jan Bakker SNS Bank
    Mediamanager - SNS Bank n.v.


At Youwe we strive to make online experiences that change brands, let businesses grow and make life easier.


A small dot on the horizon and a clear roadmap towards it, completely in line with the goals of your organisation.

User Experience Design

Guarantee a stunning presence by bringing all your touchpoints in line with your brand, all in a memorable way for your visitors.

Interaction & Engagement

A succesful online community that will have visitors interacting and returning to your page.

Visual Design

An appealing concept & design, developed with a robust strategy in mind.

User Insights

Build up profiles of your webpage visitors and improve the customer experience based on the given data.


Pimcore 2
Drupal 2

How do you chose a cms that fits your organisation? Youwe supports organisations with the package selection, from goals up to the requirements and down to the analysis of which package would add the most value to your business. Hygienefactors such as speed, flexibility and responsive are taken into account as standard.


For over 15 years right down to earth, or as we say in Holland, with our feet in the clay. Youwe stands at the basis of many open source projects. And that stands for something, because open source means freedom of choice. Independant from suppliers. And that’s just what an open organisation like Youwe is all about.


Itsme pimcore

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