Rebuild software?

Customization or rebuild? The approach of old software is a business critical process.

The rebuild of software is expensive and has a great organizational budgetary impact. These are decisions that are often pushed forward, with high (maintenance) costs as a result. The rebuild of existing software offers a good alternative to new customization. Step by step rebuilding and overwriting the existing framework, so that the investments from the past continue rendering and at the same time meet the modern architecture.



Innovation drift, complex IT infrastructures & applications and an ever-shorter life span of the business model, with changing business processes as a result.

Do these challenges souns familiar?

  • My application does not work in mobile environments
  • My application is not webconnected
  • My application is not indexed by Google
  • My application is not safe anymore
  • There is no one left who knows exactly what the application is doing



When software is too old? That is different for everyone, depending on your wishes regarding security, speed and flexibility.

Symfony Framework is a popular solution

Not for nothing Symfony has a rapid advance in popularity. Because Symfony is open source, a global community of developers has contributed to benefit the framework.   Symfony offers more flexibility than a standard CMS like TYPO3 or Drupal and is also fast, scalable and secure. The so-called industry standard for PHP webdevelopment structure compels for structure in the code, with fast application maintenance and low costs as a result.


Compatible software

Seamless communication and integration with the modern third-party software. No longer rely on custom applications to configure existing software.

High performance

Step by step reconstruction of the framework gives quick results without losing existing functionalities.

Quick time to market

A modern infrastructure reflects the business operations. New products are moving faster, more efficient and easier to the market.

Knowledge management

Knowledge documentation is embedded in the code, so that it also stays transferable in the future of programmer on programmer and knowledge sharing takes place.

Return on investment

Renewal of existing software is a good alternative to customization and has a higher ROI than standard solutions.

High user adoption

The modern software solutions are familiar for employees, which rsults in higher uses adoption.

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New customization or rebuild software?

When software is too old? That is different for everyone, depending on your wishes regarding security, speed and flexibility.


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Our project approach

Youwe helps organizations to secure mission-critical software of ERP application level. We do this by securely store all information, to rewrite and release gradually.

More information about our project approach? In our project approach you can read more about the difference between the Prince 2 and Agile scrum and how this project methodology looks like in practice.

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