PostNL’s new Magento platform

About the company

PostNL is the Dutch postal company designated by the government to provide the complete postal service in The Netherlands. The company has 66,000 employees and besides the delivery of mail and packages in The Netherlands, the company also operates in five other European countries. Due to the declining volume in physical mail, PostNL is orienting itself towards other areas such as e-commerce and digital services.

“From digital office to business processes, a complete turn to an online organization”

The challenge

PostNL brings the post office online. The well-known post office from around the corner is now closed. Full service goes online now or through one of the local in-store service points, letting PostNL bring its service closer to the customer. Orders are processed from central warehouses, therefore, integration with the SAP landscape PostNL was crucial. A link with the Enterprise Service Bus must provide real-time communication with the internal applications of PostNL.
Because of the large volume of mail/parcels PostNL deals with, a different architecture for the hosting platform is required. Seasonal increases in volume must be accounted for so that the green light is always on, even more so, on Christmas. For this purpose, we set up a 24×7 support for this environment. Should there be a fault on one of the machines, another machine takes over in seconds, without any nuisance.
Security is top priority. PostNL is regularly testing our platform with the help of an external software security party. Fortunately Youwe works with the four-eye principle. All our software is always checked by a 2nd developer.

“Post-office, the trusted service, but online. Average order value increased 150%”


The number of customers of PostNL has increased by as much as 200%. Order processing is fully automatized and thanks to the Single Sign On, PostNL can continue to roll out its shop-in-shop concepts. By hosting on a very fast cluster platform, the load times have been reduced to 0.8 seconds.

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Success factors

  • Multishop ordering platform
  • Multichannel B2C +B2B (
  • One-step checkout concept
  • PSP integration
  • ESB integration with SAP
  • Managed Clustered Hosting
  • External security audits