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itsme is an international group of six organisations, each offering innovative technology and distribution. They mainly aim towards the industrial market, machinery, module building and industrial installers. The amount of requests for specific solutions for (lean) process management is increasing, many clients wish to improve their position in their own market compared to the competition with the help of innovation in technique. Many of the competition, as well as their clients, are developing internationally. The goal of itsme was to support this trend, both in technical and geographical sense.

PIM challenges: orders, management & suppliers

As an expert on industrial automisation itsme realises a short time to market and effective cost saving when it comes to the automisation projects of their clients. This means itsme is more or less obliged to own a state of the art online platform. Offering real-time information and quick usage to its users. The three challenges mentioned below resulted into a choice for a PIM solution.


Inefficient traditional ordering process

The first issue was the ordering process being relatively traditional. Many orders were sent in by telephone or fax. Combined with the catalogue of over 7 million (!) products, this meant a lot of time was lost managing everything by hand.


Limited possibilities for information management

Another issue was the provided information that came along with the catalogue. This simply fell short, offering no possibility to track extensive client, product and price information. Not to mention any insight in the life cycle or availability of products.


Double work for suppliers

The third chapter in the issues came from the cooperation between suppliers and clients, specifically with the ETIM structure. The ETIM structure is a product classification that describes product properties. This makes sure all suppliers talk the same talk within the market. In the old situation looking for ETIM entities was made difficult because of the lack of filtering possibilities. Because every product class had their own synonyms, many times the products were looked after differently making the product information nowhere to be found. This resulted in double and unnecessary work because all information was entered by hand whilst it was already available electronically. This resulted in unnecessary data pollution, incorrect orders and an inefficient ordering process.

Magento connection with Pimcore: efficient & simple

The connection between Magento and Pimcore ensured an automated real-time synchronisation of product information throughout all channels. Double management is now a thing of the past, processing all product data in one single source. Especially with a product database as big as itsme (7 million pieces) the catalogue functionality offers elaborate product information all the way up to specific notifications to stock acquisition when an eind to a product’s lifecycle is near and ready for replacement.This is all possible without the performance of the webshop suffering from the data. But the stock acquisition department isn’t the only one that benefits from the PIM solution.

Supplier portal

A suppliers portal was built for itsme, ensuring an efficient cooperation with their suppliers. It’s now possible for itsme to in,- and export their own products which is convenient for both supplier and itsme. The drag & drop function recognises 3 formats (BME CAT (XML), SBA, Excel (CSV)) – and multiple lists can be imported simultaneously in stead of one list at a time.

The automatic recognition of mismatches by Pimcore is achieved by advanced ‘merge rules’. By setting the superiority of any value in advance, the supplier ensures that any ‘my article numbers vs your article number’ issues are a thing of the past. These merge rules are next to the general functions also customisable per individual import. Convenient for any exceptions!

All in all the suppliers portal ensures more ease of use, less time lost, less data pollution and less wrongfully received orders.

PIM solution makes large scale management possible

The most important reason for itsme to make the switch towards a so called PIM (Product information management) solution was to create a place where the (over 7 million) products as well as the product variables could be managed. Next to that, the cooperation with the suppliers and clients would be made more efficient. This resulted in the following:

  • More efficient ordering process: shifting from offline to online ordering channel reduces the number of (manual) changes to the bare minimum. This saves noticable time for itsme, the suppliers and the clients.
  • A higher supplier valuation thanks to the ease of use, time saved and enhanced quality that comes from checks within the process based on the correctness of product information.

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