Pimcore enables one central source of product information

About the organisation

Kodak, HP, Adobe and Canon: These are just some of the high quality products that Heidelberg is best known for. Heidelberg offers a broad spectrum of printing services and software solutions. To increase their range and global sales, Heidelberg has built a European platform that links the market for Tettenrode/Plantin to Belgium and the Netherlands, the market for Mackinggraf to Italy and the market for Hartman to Spain.

Printing Systems Group (PSG) has been acquired by Heidelberg.


The different (international) locations of Heidelberg, 3 SAP ERP systems and an impressive amount of products within their assortment motivated Heidelberg to improve their Product Information Management (PIM)

Multiple information sources and double input

In the old situation there was no central management, and different flows of information. This meant multiple datasources were needed, leading to an unnecessary double data input, sources not being up to date or conflicting information among different sources.

This was also caused by the lack of matching between the existing information and any new implemented information of productdata. Especially when new data was imported into any system. A single platform where all assortments and products could be combined was needed, a place where all productdata could be enriched and sent to Magento with one article number across all platforms. The large number of information sources as well as the lack of an intelligent import function resulted in system polution. This meant a lot of time was lost for both the organisation as well as its users.

Limited product presenation possibilities

The possibilities to add product information were limited to the data coming from the eCommerce and ERP systems, which made for a big disappointment. On the contrary, other players within the market could present their products with more appeal. With the help from added imagery, videos and added specifications.


Four different countries, 3 SAP ERP systems and a vast amount for (duplicated) product assortments for every branch: in contrast to a Magento installation, Pimcore does provide a solution to bring structure to these (product)information flows in a logical manner.

Pimcore offers one central source of product information. All articles have a so called ‘Heidelberg-number’, a Pimcore-numbering that was added to give all articles for every branche one and the same number. This ensures less system pollution and makes identifying the profitable products easier, as well as the influence this has on the stock. This way productmanagers will have more control over the assortment management and marketing actions are made easier accordingly for the webshop.

Before marketing actions were only possible without any coordination between separate branches. Now, thanks to Pimcore, an organised marketing,- and sales policy can be kept, all controlled from a central platform.

The result

Youwe made management and enrichment of the product assortment possible from a central point for Heidelberg. This made sure complete control was kept on the eCommerce platform when it comes to supply and demand. All branches can update, change or delete product information from a central location, as well as managing the assortment in the webshop thanks to a Magento connection. By adding a unique SKU number in Pimcore all products hold the location and language specific properties, without loading up any duplicates in the Magento webshop. This in turn simplifies the communication internationally over all products.

Heidelberg is now able to maintain the entire product flow from ERP system to the eCommerce system. By adding a PIM system within the flow, more information can be added to the products as compared to the single ERP and eCommerce system. Pimcore allows extra imagery, videos, specification sheets and safety sheets to be added on product level.

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Succes factors

  • Quick order with the import function
  • Authorisation per user
  • Automatic credit check
  • CMS functionalities