Kroftman manages product information more efficiently

Large facilities supplier finds solution in Pimcore

Kroftman is a big supplier of storage facilities and storage tents. The large inventory and diversity of product aspects proved to be challenging to offer in a simple and recognisable way to the website visitors. By installing Pimcore in the website potential clients can easily request an offer or make an order.


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Pimcore challenges: CMS, client focus & improved process

Kroftman coped with three main problems for which they sought a solution. First of which was the use of a CMS platform that didn’t offer an optimal performance for their needs. This meant Kroftman had to keep their information up to date by hand in Microsoft Excel. This resulted in an unclear and chaotic amount of client, product and price information. And we haven’t talked about the different demensions, colors and added accessories of all the products. The second issue came from the saturated market that put the sales machine under pressure. Expansion towards other countries was a logical next step. The new website that’s more focused on clients should help open doors to new markets. This in turn prevents a third problem. In the old situation clients would sometimes end up with the wrong consultant, sometimes even the ones who didn’t speak their language. This offered enough encouragement to renew their existing processes.

Pimcore guarantees efficient publishing & management

The Pimcore solution offers Kroftman the opportunity to publish and manage their product information more efficiently on the eCommerce platform. Especially when it comes to versatile products the catalogue offers a solution. It gives the website visitors the chance to choose from every variable. Kroftman uses the Pimcore CMS as well. Youwe made a new look and feel for this system, without compromises towards the ‘old’ functions of Kroftman’s CMS. This made adding and adapting pages and content possible.

Pimcore and more: implementation

Aside from the basis for realising a Pimcore platform, Kroftman had another request:

  • Offer generator: Potential clients could now generate their own offer based on their specific wishes and demands. This ensured an increase of inbound leads and saves the sales departement much needed time they can now invest in other activities.

Product information management: results

The main incentive for Kroftman to use Pimcore was to create a place where versatile products of the organisation could be managed properly. The sought after results include:

  • More inbound leads with the help of the ‘offer generator’
  • Efficient sales processes, making more time available to deliver true added value
  • A higher appreciation by clients, thanks to the added ease of use on the one hand, and on the other hand because expectation can be managed more properly with the help of offering optimal information

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More leads

Less costs per lead

Success factors

  • Optimal growth in leads and gradual decrease in costs per lead
  • Multilingual campaigns such as in: The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Croatia, France, Columbia, Argentina, Chili, Nigeria and Kenya
  • Starting of remarketing, video campaigns and display select campaigns
  • Improvement of general quality scoring
  • Reducing costs for irrelevant traffic
  • Controle of Google Analytics implementation on all websites

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