WLS Products

About the organisation

WLS Products specializes in delivery of nutritional supplements and products for bariatric patients. People who undergo weight loss surgery greatly benefit from the use of proper nutrition. WLS Products has very high demands of this type of products. So, it is a prerequisite that the raw materials are perfect. The majority of the target group of WLS Products mus ensure, for the rest of  their lives, a responsible and balanced diet. By continuing to innovate with new products the selection is diverse and up-to-date. WLS Products supplies primarily to consumers but also has its own network of distributors. The sale is primarily through the webshop. WLS supplies customers throughout Europe.

” During recent years we have experienced massive growth, with all the challenges that entails. Youwe has been able to keep up with our pace.”

The challenge

WLS Products was not only looking for a partner that could provide the technical realization of the shop, but also a partner who can see and think along all the e-Commerce activities. Cooperation with Youwe goes much further than just providing technical expertise. A plan was designed to excel online and this plan is continuously optimized.

After the first experiences with the webshop, because of the growing number of orders, new challenges arose. It became impossible to get the shop orders manually in the accounting system. It also became increasingly complex to deliver all orders within the required speed to customers.
Due to the strong growth challenges of fulfillment arose as well. Packing and shipping of orders had to be streamlined. There is a fullfilment party selected with experience in processing the large numbers of orders.

“YouWe is not only concerned with the technical side of the OpenCart shop, but also contributes their own expertise to improve activities, including marketing.This means that we can focus on the purchase and development of new products and work on revenue growth. “

The result

Youwe has helped WLS to integrate the processing of orders in real-time in its accounting system. This has considerably reduced the manual administrative activities of WLS Products.
Youwe WLS has helped to create a link to an external party fulfillment, making the time between placing an order and the effective delivery of the order as short as possible. Also, the cost of sending the orders was reduced.
Youwe’s is WLS Products’ e-Commerce partner. From a proactive approach improvements are being proposed and implemented. Where WLS primarily focuses on improving the product range and customer service, Youwe has a role to continue to optimize the e-commerce activities of WLS Products. A shop is never trully completed, sometimes the power is not only in the offer (price / quality) but also in the ability to anticipate trends and developments from customer feedback.

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Shorter order time

Open source

Success factors

  • Very easy to place an order for both existing customers and new customers
  • Optimal User Experience
  • The shop orders are automatically uploaded into the accounting package
  • Reduced manual actions surrounding the financial administration of the shop
  • The paid orders are automatically routed to an external fulfillment party
  • The time between placing the order and actual delivery as short as possible
  • Future-proof shop so the technology and functionality can participate in the growth ambitions of WLS Products