Nescafé is one of the world’s most popular coffee brands in the world. Nestlé Professional is one of the many brands of Nestlé and they asked Youwe to help them with their digital strategy, digital marketing and creating the perfect buyer journey.

The story of Nestlé

“Our mission is to create a better and healthier world and inspire people to do the same. By innovation, we will contribute to society and guarantee the long-term success of our company.”

case nestlé
case nestlé

The challenge of Nestlé

Over the years, Nescafé product innovation has evolved further to capture even more of the natural aroma and flavour from every coffee bean. Today consumers around the world enjoy the quality, flavour, aroma, convenience and natural goodness of Nescafé coffee in many different formats. For example on the work floor. Especially for this Nescafé introduced Nescafé Professional. But to reach the right target group Nestlé needed help. Youwe helped them with making a digital strategy, buyer persona and customer journey.

Our solution – A Digital strategy

Nescafé Professional had a problem. The branch of Nescafé focusses on businesses, they offer coffee and coffee machines for the work floor. They operate through a mature dealer network and wanted to fully understand the end customer. Because of this specific target group, Nescafé Professional needed help with digital strategy.

Youwe started with qualitative research to gather data about their potential customers. What drives them and how can we serve them the information they need to make a proper decision? In the customer journey, you see a customer profile and a series of steps they take when researching their options to find a new supplier. Using this data Youwe created content and strategically publish that in the different channels the prospects use. We analyze behaviour, optimize content and use Marketing Automation to turn new visitors into leads for Nescafé’s sales team to follow up on.

Next to that Youwe built a 3 years roadmap to transform the business digitally.

case nestlé

“Our customer’s journey is identified and the digital strategy is successfully executed”


case nestlé

Buyer persona & Customer journey

To make those campaigns as efficient as possible Youwe also made a buyer persona and customer journey. To create the buyer persona Youwe spoke to the target group of Nescafé and based on actual statements from real customers and prospects, the buyer persona tells you what potential customers think and do when weighing options for solving a problem your organization has. When you understand how your customers think about doing business with you, you have the knowledge to bring your marketing decisions in line with the expectations of your customers.