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Developers with an excellent understanding of the latest insights, highly specialized and experienced in one of the mentioned software technologies and years of proven experience.

  • PHP
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • .NET
  • C#
  • HTML5 Developers

Building your solutions on the best platforms the market has to offer today. Youwe has experts on all major best of breed web platforms. Onboard loads of experience in your organization from our specialists.

  • Magento
  • Hybris
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Ruby
  • Hadoop
Beyond developers

Not only can we provide the best developers available, but we can also help you out with setting up infrastructure. You do want your team to start swiftly on their development activities. How about delivering the development infrastructure as well?

  • Portable cloud hosting AWS, Google or Azure
  • Global locations
  • Backups outside the cloud
  • 24×7 support service
  • Application monitoring software
  • Seamless onboarding

In need of developers in short term?

We offer highly motivated software developers!

With the 120 best developers, designers, data-driven marketers and strategists, Youwe has been working for 18 years on the international online success of customers such as Unipart, Staples,  Akzo Nobel, Metro Group and Ernst & Young. Youwe is one of the leading digital agencies in the EMEA area. With offices in Rotterdam (HQ), Amsterdam, Groningen, London and Kiev we have a firm footprint in Europe. In terms of payrolling, Youwe connects experienced and passionate IT professionals to companies all over the world through remote collaboration.

Our cooperation model gives you the possibility of the full and direct control of the engineers you want to work with, while we take care of every other issue related to having remote employees.

Great brands work with Youwe!


Team as a service

Your own dedicated team just a conference-call away

Stay ahead and go beyond? We will assemble a fully dedicated dream team of software engineers, Scrum Masters, and software testers especially for you. Extend your own team or just give your software developments a boost? It feels like your remote team is sitting in your own office. Our excellent infrastructure and highly professional onboarding process will make sure you get a high-performance team while cutting costs.


Consider us when you:

  • Have problems finding and educating IT professionals at acceptable costs;
  • Have tight deadlines and need a team extension to boost your production;
  • Your project is facing hick-ups and doesn’t move forward;
  • You’re in need of more flexibility within your software developments teams;
  • You’re looking for high standards and quality assurance.

On-site in just a few hours

Kickstart your project 

Things can go so much easier once you understand one another and you’re able to meet in person. Youwe is centrally located. Flying nowadays is cheaper than ever and within hours your team can be at your location to onboard your complex project. Would you like to visit us? No problem we have six offices in international locations such as Kiev, London, Helsinki and Amsterdam. You’re more than welcome to meet our team.

“Youwe is not only an expert when it comes to starting a project, they ensure the quality up to the very end! That’s why I like working with Youwe.”

Carsten Friedrich, Staples

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