With the 120 best developers, designers, data-driven marketers, and strategists, Youwe has been working for 18 years on the international online success of customers such as Unipart, Staples, Akzo Nobel, Metro Group and Ernst & Young. Youwe is one of the leading digital agencies in the EMEA area. With offices in Rotterdam (HQ), Amsterdam, Groningen, London, Helsinki and Kiev we have a firm footprint in Europe. In terms of payrolling, Youwe connects experienced and passionate IT professionals to companies all over the world through remote collaboration. Our cooperation model gives you the possibility of the full and direct control of the engineers you want to work with, while we take care of every other issue related to having remote employees. We offer developers with an excellent understanding of the latest insights, highly specialized and experienced all kinds of software technologies and years of proven experience.

Consider us when you:
  • Have problems finding and educating IT professionals at acceptable costs;
  • Have tight deadlines and need a team extension to boost your production;
  • Your project is facing hick-ups and doesn’t move forward;
  • You’re in need of more flexibility within your software developments teams;
  • You’re looking for high standards and quality assurance.

Clients of Youwe are:

“Youwe is not only an expert when it comes to starting a project,
but they also ensure the quality up to the very end! That’s why I like working with Youwe.”

Carsten Friedrich, Staples

Services we offer:


Nearshore/offshore developers/teams from Ukraine

In need of a developer or a developer team? Let us do the work. You do not have to recruit the developers yourself, you just tell your wishes to us and our recruitment team will search for the best developer(s). Ones you selected the right candidate, the developer will work for your company from our office in Kiev, Ukraine.


Recruiting & relocation

If you believe that developers can work efficient being located together. But at the same time, you struggle to find tech talents locally. Hiring a developer from Ukraine and relocate him to your country might be a solution to solve this challenge.


Freelance (remote) developers from Ukraine

Do you have one job to do for a developer and don’t want to spend time looking for a developer? We have developers that work on a freelance base and they will only work for your company when there is work to do. Our when you have tight deadlines and need a team extension to boost your production.


Local in the Netherlands

Do you prefer to have your developer in-house? We also recruit Dutch developers and relocate them at your company. Want to know more about the developers in The Netherlands? You can find the information here.


In need of your own dedicated team

We will assemble a fully dedicated dream team of software engineers especially for you. Extend your own team or just give your software developments a boost. It feels like your remote team is sitting in your own office. Our excellent infrastructure and highly professional onboarding process will make sure you get a high-performance team while cutting costs.



Do you want to know more about one of our services? You can contact the Youwe Kiev office and they can tell you everything about the process, our developers or anything else. You can call to +38 044 590 51 79.

The added value of working with us

You save time on recruiting

We thoroughly preselect developers and meet them in person before introducing them to you.

Affordable costs

The costs of our developers are very affordable. You also only pay for the time that the developer worked on your project.

We take care of everything

We take care of everything related to having an employee.

Experienced developers

The developers that will work on your project are always experienced with the software.


The developers are recruited as soon as possible and they are ready to work for you in a short period of time.


The team will work as efficient as possible with the right knowledge and skills to complete the project in a short period of time.

What is the procedure?

  • Step 1: We preselect candidates in accordance to your requirements;
  • Step 2: You personally interview the selected candidates and approve the best one;
  • Step 3: The candidate starts working, at our office in Ukraine under your full control or at your own organization;
  • Step 4: You pay a fixed monthly fee;
  • Step 5: The possibility to scale team up and down with one month notice period

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