The lives of your customers and employees take place, increasingly, on mobile.

Wearables, phablets, tablets, smartphones: we are well on the way to the mobile mind-shift. We share, play, learn and buy online via mobile devices. All this via mobile (web) apps. The speed with which this particular field changes offers tremendous opportunities for our clients to expand services and product offerings.


From business objectives to a robust mobile strategy that adds real value. From business apps to mobile marketing and e-learning.

  • App design and development
  • iOS, Android and windows mobile
  • Responsive web design


Enterprise apps

Realize your business goals by increasing efficiency, optimizing processes and increasing productivity.

Marketing apps

Ensure maximum visibility of your brand and give it an extra touch point in a way that is relevant, such as campaign apps.


An additional sales channel for both B2B and B2C, seamlessly connected to your other online and offline channels.


Offer your target group (employees) the opportunity to gain knowledge, at anytime, from individual learning and reviewing.

(Serious) Games/Animations

Build a popular game or animation, acquire a high degree of commitment and playfully realize your goals.


Whether you choose an app or responsive website depends on your goals.


With more than one decade of experience, 120+ employees and 6 branches, we are one of the leading Internet companies in the Netherlands.

Youwe conceives and develops mobile apps and responsive websites since its birth. With a team of experienced specialists, we think together with you about how you can achieve your business objectives. From a robust strategy, we realize high-quality concepts and we guarantee success in the long-term. Youwe is proficient in techniques such as PhoneGap, Ttitanium, Objective C, Adobe Air and HTML5.


With 120 colleagues, we make (international) organizations more effective and relevant for the future, supported by the power of open source.

Hollandsch Welvaren Wit
Quest Wit
SNS Bank
Spinnin Records
  • “Incredible…we won the Website-of-the-year prize!”

    Rogier van de Hoef
    Director Cross Media - 24 KITCHEN
  • ” More and better leads. That was on the wish list of ITmobile.  With Youwe’s tool our acquisition process and the follow-up runs smooth as slik.”

    Marlies Vringer
    Marketing Manager - ITmobile
  • “In recent years we experienced incredbile growth, with all the challenges that entails. Youwe has been able to keep up with our pace.”

    Melanie Wouters
    Directeur - WLS
  • “Omroep MAX makes it accessible for senior viewers.”

    Frank Mulder
    Internet Coördinator - OMROEP MAX
  • “Working with Youwe provides the feeling of a multidisciplinary team that solve problems in a second.”

    Meindert Kennis Spinnin Records
    Chief Marketing Officer - Spinnin Records
  • “From the first moment I noticed that Youwe is different. I never felt a client subcontractor relationship. Youwe is going for the end result. They’ll do anything for it.”


    Jan Bakker SNS Bank
    Mediamanager - SNS Bank n.v.


App or responsive website? This question is often asked. The best choice for your project depends on the goals.

Responsive web design or adaptive? A native or hybrid web app? We help you choose the best solution for your situation. Next to this many other issues are addressed, including the importance of visibility in the app store, optimized playback on all devices, offline availability, etc. Our broad portfolio of projects provides insight into the infinite possibilities available.


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