Marketing Automation

Marketing software that ensures your relevance in the increasingly complex customer journey

Marketing Automation is a set of tools that help you generate more leads, realize sales and makes a return on investment visible. Marketing Automation helps you to offer your prospects relevant content during their customer journey, based on their needs. The Marketing Automation tool enables you to make all marketing tasks autonomous.


93% Of all users agree that targets and goals are met successfully by using Marketing Automation (*Sharpspring)

  • Generates more leads of better quality
  • Segment your clients based on their online behavior in smart customer segments
  • Improves the lead to conversion, enhances the effect of your activities
  • Makes content marketing more relevant and measurable
  • Makes an important part of marketing activities autonomous
  • Offers a cost/benefit analysis for each marketing channel

Marketing Automation benefits

More leads

Optimize every stage of your sales funnel. Generate more leads thanks to visitor identification, campaign optimization and integration of social media. Smart “drip” email campaigns and Social connects make engagement even more optimal.

More effective sales

Lead scoring helps deliver insight into what fase the lead is within the buying process. More insight in consumer behaviour, email automation and alerts help the sales teams to close more deals.

Proven ROI

Analyse your won and lost deals and identify a succesful approach, ensuring a better result with the same marketingbudget.

Marketing Automation Webinar

About 79% of the leads do not convert(!). Even worse, 27% is prepared to be addressed by sales. Recognizable?

In the Marketing Automation, we provide the important and relevant aspects of Marketing Automation.

Webinar highlights:

– Track the activities of your page visitors and build up profiles
– Support your relations with relevant content during their customer journey
– Maak the ROI of marketing activities insightful per channel

A grasp out of the functionalities

Double the number of leads by identifying anonymous traffic.

Dynamic Forms
Smart forms that are set specifically for conversion goals.

Campaign Optimization
Eliminate weaknesses and identify opportunities.

Tracking visitor behavior
Effective communication in sync with visitor behavior.

Lead scoring
Prioritize your sales activities based on the buying status of your prospects.

CRM integration
A direct link with CRM realizes a real-time insight in all your sales information.

Email automation
Create autonomous email and develope personal relations.

Sales alert
Alerts assist the sales team to follow up leads at the right time.

Sales Analytics
A thorough insight into leads, the sales funnel and campaign effectiveness.

Track your performance with the help of the export module.

Bet on success
Identify weaknesses and optimize your performance.

Use track paid search ad-campaigns and research your target groups actual search words.

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