About the company

Your online activity is a reflection of who you are. Mix the data with technique and you have an excellent breeding ground for optimal customer experience. We are talking about Zeker.Me, newcomer in the insurance market.

Zeker.Me helps the customer, with an eye on privacy, choose the best policy based on the insights obtained. Using Big Data, Zeker.Me introduces, hip as they are, a new form of service in the insurance world.

“Youwe built a Magento custom solution, seamlessly coupled with an advanced back-end systems.”
Nick van der Meij | Founder

The challenge

Great discounts through your social media account, and a well-stocked piggy bank for concert tickets or vouchers for bol.com. Each “product” that is purchased through zeker.me is unique. Instead of a normal check-out page, the website is made out of forms. Why So? Why not a normal checkout?

Speed with support from Microsoft Biztalk and a price and policy logical structure through the integration with Soft Rules. Besides a reliable partner with great expertise, those were the requirements of Zeker.Me. No standard work, but a broad perspective and open to the possibilities. Certainly Me, thought Youwe!

“A customer experience as we are not accustomed to when interacting with insurance companies. Every customer is unique and has a unique set of needs and preferences in insurance.”


In a few clicks you can build your insurance, make additional insurance purchases and sign the contract. Direct live-help and advice through the chat function. Your insurance package stays up to date through proactive advice concerning changes in your life or living conditions.

Zeker.me can now perfectly play in the market and give personalized insurance advice.

Questions about the case?

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Success factors

  • Complete design built around target-group
  • Social Media log-in
  • Custom product composition
  • Dynamic forms as checkout page