VI Travel

About the organisation

Voetbal International is a Dutch football magazine publishing since 1965. This makes it the longest-running soccer magazine in the Netherlands. EMboost is marketing partner of VI and in collaboration with Youwe, it launched the new VI-travel site.
EMboost is an event marketing agency and makes the connection between events and marketing products or services. EMboost thinks about how its services can be optimally focused and can contribute to a higher efficiency in achieving marketing objectives. EMboost uses communication and PR to organizes customized events at home and abroad for sports or culture.

“Following your favorite team in other countries is now easier than ever.”

The challenge

The existing VI-travel site had become quite outdated and did not offer the ability to book football tours directly. These applications were all still handled manually and the competition was now already a few steps ahead of VI.

The biggest problem of the VI-travel shop was that it was outdated. Customers could only request quotes for football trips, but not directly to book a trip.

“We love make it a bit easier for our customers!”

The result

Youwe has made it possible to book a complete trip. Through the real-time integration, customers of EMboost can get  insoghts in national and international football competitions and directly book the trip and tickets for the game. Through the Magento commerce implementation booking can now be handled online. This allows the customer to order through a process which has been simplified  and which resulted in a huge growth in bookings.
Through the implementation of the integrations EMboost is now able to offer the complete package to the customer using the VI-Travel platform. Through one party, the customer has immediately arranged the complete trip.

Questions about the case?

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Automatised bookings


Success factors

  • Fully automated booking portal to book entire trips
  • Real-time coupling with the flight carriers to retrieve the flight data and be able to display it in the shop
  • Real-time link information, to book hotels
  • Magento
  • Quote request, tour booking and payment functionality