Itsme fully integrated B2B eCommerce platform

Itsme is the family name of an international group of six companies, which offer innovative technology and distribution to industrial end users, machine manufacturers, panel builders and industrial installers as an industrial market leader. For many customers itsme can be considered the go-to business to manage their (lean) processes and to improve their competitive position in the market by innovation in the technical sector. The goal of itsme is to support the growth of their customers in the technical, business and geographical sense.

“Let our eCommerce platform be seamlessly integrated with our business”

As industrial marketleader in an international market, itsme knows the global influences in the B2B market like no other. The technological developments seem to present themselves in quicker succession each day, the laws surrounding those developments are complex, technical personnel is more than just wanted and in the meantime the grown transparency has an increase in the price pressure from the market as a result.

Making the current competitive position stronger and making it expand even more asks for a state of the art solution. A solution that:

  • Helps increase the brandawareness of itsme within the international market.
  • Makes sure ‘more’ new clients are found and existing clients relationships can be developed

To receive said goals a new Magento eCommerce platform has been built and integrated with no less than 6 separate SAP systems and most of all PIMcore. Because of this not only the ease of ordering of the market is improved, but the suppliers and employees of itsme will experience an increase in efficiency.

Magento multi integration with SAP and PIMcore. High performance. Real time.

Magento Gold solution partner Youwe came up with, developed and implemented a responsive solution that made sure that itsme can offer her clients an online experience that you can expect in this day and age, including:

  • ERP integration with 6 SAP integrations (surroundings)
  • PIMcore connection with suppliers-portal where suppliers can in,- and export their own products.
  • Multichannel contentmanagement makes sure the target group is more directly addressed.
  • MySQL server has been replaced by MongoDB to optimise speed.

“More than 7 million products and a page loading time of less than 1 second. No problem!”

The multi integration with SAP and PIMcore has proven itself as the best solution for Magento B2B platforms. It allows itsme for flexibility, scalability and stability.

  • High performance, realtime integrated product catalogue with a capacity from ca. 7 million products within a page loading time of less than 1 second.
  • Efficiency by offering your customers and suppliers complete selfservice: orders, quotations, invoices, open items and deliveries.
  • Customers get the latest information about the items in the shop: current price, order status, stock levels, track and trace, and more.

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