Grolsch De Klok Dranken wholesale

About the organisation

Grolsch distributor De Klok Dranken is a 100% subsidiary of Koninklijke Grolsch and part of the SAB Miller group. With 5 wholesales in beverages De Klok forms an exclusive Grolsch distributor to the events and hospitality industry.

  • Market: Europe
  • Industry: B2B wholesale and distribution or industrial/commercial supplies
  • Challenge: Third party integration
  • Solution Partner: Youwe


Until recently over 80% of the buyers preferred the use of customer service over the phone. The choice for this traditional way of communicating is not very surprising, since the online platform could not supply sufficient support to the ordering process of the hospitality industry after 20 years of service. Next to that the supply-information and prices could not be overseen in realtime, which resulted in an unnecessary use of time for the customer service, as well as the customers.

“Always an up to date assortment on Magento B2B eCommerce with the help of realtime data exchange with SAP ECC.”


Save time, more profit and a higher customer satisfaction. Those were the different components of motivation for the Grolsch distributor to invest in a modern B2B e-commerce shop, connected realtime with SAP ECC. The distributor chose Youwe (Magento Gold Partner) for their experience with a multidisciplinary way of work. Youwe designed a responsive solution that ensures an online experience for Grolsch’s customers that can be expected nowadays.  This means a Magento B2B e-commerce platform integrated with SAP ECC.

Extreme ease of order was the condition for the project. De Klok Dranken has a lot of ground to make up in the online playing field. This would only be attempted if the benefit of an online platform turned out to be significant in comparison to the telephone. The platform itself meets this condition by fulfilling an order in three clicks, showing prices correctly in realtime as well as the inventory.

“Already in the first month 30% of our customers were ordering through the online platform! They give a lot of positive feedback on it.”


With the modern Magento eCommerce platform, linked to SAP realtime, eCommerce has been developed to a self-evident part of the business because:

  • Although only being released recently, an increase in online orders can be seen in the first month on the platform, rising from 23% to 30% of the total orders.
  • With the help of a more efficient ordering process, the customer service now has more time to spend on what’s really important: the customer.
  • Higher customer satisfaction thanks to the time saving capabilities, as well as the ease of order, by offering a personalized productlist fed directly from SAP. This makes sure only relevant products are shown.


Of customers using the platform after 1 month

Used to prefer ordering by telephone

Success factors

  • Modern Magento e-commerce platform
  • Realtime connection to SAP
  • Efficient ordering process
  • Less time lost
  • Personalized product lists
  • Only shows relevant products

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