Focus, a quality brand that you can expect from a global player like them. With the new Magento solution Focus knows how to integrate a better customer journey and also to use the website as a conversion-machine for the dealers. Win-win!

About Pon

Pon is an international trade- and service organization. From cars and bikes to marine engines and electrical engineering: the organization knows the drill. With over 450 locations across 32 countries, they deliver brands like Cervélo, Volkswagen, Caterpiller, MAN and Continental – a quality that you would expect from a global player. Focus ( is one of the luxury brands of Pon and is appreciated for the high quality of the mountain and road bikes.

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Along with the objective of Pon Bicycle Group to better integrate the online and offline customer journey and to use the online website as a conversion machine for the dealers, was the current website of Focus also due for renewal. The website doesn’t anymore satisfy the conditions necessary to achieve the objective:


  • The ‘bike-finder’ was not relevant enough and did not satisfy the information needs.
  • The online customer experience was not inviting or inspiring enough.
  • The website had no conversion points leading to the dealers.


In addition, the product information was still maintained manually in the website. The data was coming out of the export from the Baan- (ERP) systeem. It was time consuming, because multiple sources were supported. The product content had to be improved as well, in terms of photos, videos and specifications.

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Pon has chosen to change move from previously installed old TYPO3 to a modern Magento solution with an ERP and PIM integration. Nowadays the website editors and visitors enjoy the pleasure of a multidimensional CMS, smart search and configurator capabilities in one.


By updating the website, Pon achieves:

  • A smart bike-finder, so the consumes can find the bike that match their needs.
  • A clear presentation of Focus bikes in the online catalog.
  • A ‘dealer finder’ that indicates where the bikes are offered for sale.


Everything on the website is intended to inform the consumers and guide them to the nearest dealer. For example, a test ride can be requested on the website itself. The website also shows which bikes are in stock at which dealer.



The renewed offers what consumers expect nowadays.


And with success, already within one month:

  • the conversion of the test rides are doubled!


The new website displays much better the high quality of the Focus brand and additionally connects the (purchase) journey of consumers.


Focus ( is one of the premium brands of Pon and is being appreciated for their high qulity mountain & road bikes.