Thieme Meulenhoff

About the organisation

ThiemeMeulenhoff is one of the largest publishers of educational resources and  learning methods for Primary Education, Secondary Education, Vocational Education and Higher Education. These products are increasingly being developed and delivered digitally. Thieme assists teachers in encouraging students to bring out the best of themselves.

“Supporting learning from the digital world”

The challenge

ThiemeMeulenhoff noticed that sales of physical products was declining, and a change had to be made towards the digital. In addition, they sought to combine more interaction between paper and digital, through books accompanied by online functionality. This challenge, of course, does not only require a change in thinking about content, but also in the way products and licenses are brought to the market.
For this purpose, webshops were built that allow customers (individuals and teachers) to quickly and easily order books and other materials. Moreover, there is a platform developed for ‘ipad methods’, where complete book sets for 1 study year or even the duration of the training to be sold in licensed form. Students can then use their iPad books and methods without purchasing physical books.

“Lack of online presence is a competitive disadvantage.”

The result

The realization of online shops was an important step in the process of switching from paper to digital. This change enabled Thieme’s turnover to rise sharply, turnover which otherwise would have been lost through other channels. Moreover, Thieme is in more direct contact with its customers, and thus can also better put a combination of digital / interactive and physical teaching methods in the market. A major success has been the revenues from licenses and from setting up a shop for digital books (ipad). Thieme achieved strong revenue growth which was not at the expense of own physical outlets, but rather at the expense of the second-hand market.
The “embedding” of the solutions within the entire framework of systems and processes makes this project unique. Through the various techniques put in place the orders are easliy transferred to and from the back office. Moreover, teachers can authenticate themselves and get access to teacher-specific products.

Ease of use

Open source

Success factors

  • Authentication of teachers, by integrating with the “Assu education database ‘
  • Alwas up-to-date catalog through import functionality from Thieme ERP system
  • Customizatied functionality for ordering pilot and teachers book copies
  • Checkout / checkout process for ordering licenses for program-specific teaching methods for use by ‘ipad’ students