Province of Utrecht

About the organisation

At Utrecht Your Way, all touristic and recreational offerings from the province of Utrecht are brought together. Province of Utrecht facilitates through this web portal the connection with 23 partners. Each partner provides its tourist-recreational data. The province is organizing the connection to the national database of VVV Netherlands, trains webmasters and promotes data exchange and cooperation between individual partners.

“Tourists have now a clear point of access to all the activities in the province.”

The challenge

The county itself does not offer tourist information, but does so through data-partners such as tourist information centers and regional offices. Dozens of affiliated partners often that each serve the audience in their own way. This means dozens of different systems. A plurality of editors. And a small stakeholders platoon each with their specific requirements and wishes for the new platform.

The province of Utrecht had clear goals for the project: to increase the quality of tourist information, reduce the cost of managing this information and attract more tourists to the province. To achieve this the province was looking for an open solution to collect data from different sources into one central database. In addition, an editorial platform to enrich and disseminate information through affiliated partners.

Youwe’s biggest challenge was to get everyone on the same page. To enable all these parties and people to work with one single system. And here to do justice to all the good ideas that were put forward from the stakeholders. Together with one goal: offer the highest possible quality information to tourists.

“Open source offers the freedom to work with different data suppliers without problems.”

The result

One central Drupal platform for more than 20 websites. Utrecht can now save huge costs on hosting and maintenance. Smart re-use of content made the editors more efficient. All this without Compromising all the good ideas. Indeed, thanks to the smart separation architecture, new building blocks can now be easily added. By severals suppliers. Our DTAP solution and code reviewing allows for a controlled flow publication.

The Utrecht Your Way portal is now a household name. More and more tourists are finding the website. Even in Google the platform takes a prominent place. In the first year, there was already a doubling of the unique visitors.. 650,000 to be exact. We are quite proud of this.

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Growth unique visitors

Connected partners

Success factors

  • 1 masterdata environment with automatic import
  • Data Feeds to connected partners
  • Simple editorial platform for data enrichment
  • Theme Sites within the system with different templates
  • Roles and rights differentiation
  • Different themes for sites
  • Good SEO optimization