Government ICT Dashboard

About the organisation

“Living together  with a decisive management. Transparency for citizens. “This is the mission of the Ministry of Interior. The Interior Ministry secures the core values of democracy. Ministry of Interior represents a good and effective governance and a government that citizens can trust. Confidence arises when information is shared and is publicly accessible.

“Transparence in government spending.”

The challenge

The Interior Ministry has among its tasks to ensure a well-functioning public administration. This includes major ICT projects and high risk government projects . Public opinion in this area is not always positive. But is this justified? In order to make the uses of resources for such projects publicly clear, there was a wish to set up a website.
An open platform that is fully built according to web guidelines and where information can serve in a visual manner the Dutch tax payers. The biggest challenge in this ambition is to obtain all the information from the various ministries. How do we obtain uniform comparable information. How do we ensure that the information is reliable. And importantly, how we can update this information periodically at a predictable time.
The Government IT Dashboard displays information about the status and uses of ICT projects. Of all the ministries. Unambiguous and presented visually. With opportunities to export this information for further analysis.
The Government IT Dashboard is inspired by the website where the United States presents its federal IT projects.

“Public insights in government spending creates confidence.”

The result

At a glance, one can see the status of major ICT projects of each ministry. Projects are updated at least once a year. Each ministry is responsible for updating the IT Dashboard and for the information of their projects. With this project, the government becomes more transparent. The clear presentation ensure this information is taken directly into the press. This prevents urban legend stories.
The great advantage of the Government IT dashboard is that the Ministry of the Interior easily provides insight in the status of large and risky government projects . The dashboard makes it easier than before to report information, and that saves time and money. Furthermore, the IT dashboard ensures an open and transparent government.
The Interior Ministry, through the Government ICT Dashboard, owns now a tool that can be used for multiple purposes. The source code of KING was reused for the development of the website e-government , which has resulted in substantial savings in development costs.

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Success factors

  • Open Source software
  • Dynamic, animated charts
  • Export Opportunities
  • Drempelvrij Level 3 Web Guidelines
  • Development on the basis of prototyping
  • Make it run, make it right, make it fast