A leader in the B2B e-commerce market.


Magento is the leading e-commerce system in the market originally built for the retail sector. Therefore, Magento offers various marketing tools. Youwe, Magento Certified Partner, has developed B2B modules so that Magento also produces an advantage in B2B organizations.

An e-commerce platform digitalizes not only the order process, but also integrates the on- and offline business. Automatic order processing works at least as fast as a short mail or call, and the probability of error is much smaller. The B2B modules provide an efficient order process, with easy product management, so that the purchasing team focuses on real added value for customers.

The B2B modules provide an integrated business, a high % of online orders thanks to the ultimate ease of use and growing order amounts.

Sales support login

Help your customers get started by logging in at the same time and navigate together with them in real time through the ordering process.


  • Live support
  • Simulation of user sessions
  • Wish list (“for Christmas”) offer
  • Add products to the wish list

Company – login

Create shared benefit and add all employees to one company account so that everyone has access to orders, quotes and invoices. Also handy for partnerships and collaborations.


  • For all employees one user login
  • Multiple debtors integrated into one user
  • Intercompany relationships

Atomized quote request process

Let your customers request their quote in the online web shop! Sales receives it through the ERP environment, and afterwards the final version is automatically placed in the shop. The client is invited to view a quote and can turn it into the order.


  • Quote self-service in Magento
  • Automatically from ERP to Magento
  • Approving directly from Magento

Real time order history

Get more insight into the shopping behavior of your customers thanks to the real time order history from the web shop in the ERP system. And customers get an advantage of being able to see the price and delivery date per order line.


  • Status visible per order line
  • Display of part-orders
  • Expanded search function (from date to order number)

Digital billing

Give your customers insight into their payment status based on real-time ERP data and reduce the pressure on your financial department. Show the outstanding invoices (in PDF) and search based on invoice features.


  • Real-time invoice display
  • Display of outstanding items
  • Download invoices as PDF

Customer specific prices

You enter once agreed specific prices into the ERP system, which are directly translated into the shop environment of the logged-in customer. So he does not need to call separately and come back to agreements made, which results in customer satisfaction!


  • Fast performance: generates <1.2 sec. lists


The employees within Magento can have various roles with purchase limits. In addition, the rights may also be set the way that it cannot be ordered directly, and, therefore, the quote request should be sent. The customer’s lead buyer determines which employee gets which rights and the module automates the rights and the process so that the order arrives in due time!


  • 3 roles for e-procurement
  • Order limits per user
  • Notification process to the ‘lead buyer’
  • Approval scheme for prepared orders

Quick order

The B2B customer often already knows, comparing to the B2C customer, what he wants to order. This module makes it possible to upload all order items in once and quickly place the order, instead of searching for everything separately.


  • Shortens order process based on article number and quantity
  • Bulk order with csv import or Excel import

Customer specific wish lists

Help your customer by offering them to place their most often ordered and previously ordered product assortment in separate wish lists/ catalogs. This provides increased ease of use, higher order frequency and higher order amount.


  • Create, manage and remove lists
  • Minimum stock reminder
  • Wish lists from ERP or import
  • Quick add to cart
  • Search, including faceted search

OCI-Punch out

OCI ensures that the product numbers are automatically entered into the ERP system of the customer, a function that larger ERP packages have as a default. This provides an efficient process for the products that are not yet in the ERP system, manual input is already a history.

Match/ add customer specific numbers

The search for products based on the customer’s ‘own’ product numbers makes the ordering process easier. This module ensures that the assortment can be exported and imported again with an additional column with product numbers (customer specific). Afterwards the shop also understands the own customer product numbers.

Barcode sticker module

This module ensures that the product numbers also receive a bar code, and also that Magento (and connector) understands and supports barcode ‘language’. Redirection to bar code scanners in a variety of processes is possible.

EDI connection

EDI is a standard format that allows companies to exchange orders and invoices, aimed at an efficiency advantage. If the ERP system has no standard EDI integration and you really want to reduce your administrative burdens, this module offers a solution. He links the EDI messages from customer to the shop, which is then linked via the connector with your ERP.

Configurator: always a match with unique needs of buyer

“Hyper-personalization” is upcoming. Offer your buyers the opportunity to put together a desired product themselves by means of a configurator. This module provides the options to configure different product variables and visualize it. This is automatically processed in the order process.


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