Smart Choice Industry

About the organisation

Smart Choice Industry is a partnership between Itsme (ES Elektro) and Philips Lighting in the area of lighting solutions for various industrial segments: Food & Beverage, Cargo Handling, Material Handling & Packaging, Wood & Paper.
Philips Lighting is the global market leader in lighting. This dynamic market is currently undergoing profound changes and create a shift in the direction of the new LED solutions.

“Online environment for an innovative collaboration.”

The challenge

Smart Choice Industry has launched a campaign to respond to the new developments in the market and to spread the word.
Content abot specialization and solutions from Philips and of Itsme had to be easily added on the website and to be be maintained. In addition, it should be taken into account the different roles in terms of editorial staff. The desire was to develop this website in the graphical style of Itsme. Itsme had prior experience working with Drupal and found it enjoyable.

The biggest challenge in this project was the time. Within a very short time this website was to be put in the market, while only few things were clear beforehand.
Another challenge was technique to be used, in combination with the available budget. The corporate website of Itsme has been developed with Drupal CMS, but with an outdated version and this installation was not suitable to bring in among multiple websites.A new solution would therefore have to be implemented, or the existing installation would have to be adapted, so that it could incorporate multiple websites.
A new installation would mean that the graphics had to be reimplemented, the website apartly maintained  separately hosted. However, a new installation with bring benefits of the latest version; the latest functionality, faster development, extended support for the system, user-friendliness and better mobile support.
On the other hand, additional work would need to be undertaken to develop the new site within the existing system.

“New does not always mean better.”

The result

The  solution developed by Youwe has resulted in a successful website for Smart Choice Industry and valuable information for the collaboration. Because the website within the existing Drupal 6 installation is developed, there are cost savings on maintenance and hosting. It was also not necessary to train the editors, since they all were able to work with the system.
Youwe has been able to develop a new website, with outdated technology. This because it was not the best solution for the customer. In this way the project was within the deadline and the available budget and there are also savings in structural costs.

Questions about the case?

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User experience

Reduction maintenance costs

Success factors

  • The website should provide easy information about new solutions in the field of industrial lighting
  • Standard functionality like search, flexible layout and clear ‘call to action’
  • Decided sections provide additional functionality
  • Calculator that allows visitors to calculate a lease structure for the desired solution and could determine if they were eligible for the so-called Energy Investment Allowance (EIA)