MVO Nederland

About the organisation

MVO the Netherlands inspires, connects and strengthens companies and sectors to put progressive steps in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR). ” Change together’ is the motto. CSR Netherlands inspires and motivates entrepreneurs to apply CSR in a way that People, Planet and Profit are central to all business and business decisions. From purchasing to sales, from production to personnel policy. MVO Netherlands gives businesses practical tips, shows good examples and refers to useful contacts.

“An online environment to promote a sustainable future.”

The challenge

MVO Netherlands has conceived in 2013, a plan to revamp the outdated Drupal 6 website. MVO Netherlands wanted a fresh design, but also a portal where partners could get access to all systems by the use of profiles.
Also, a link was needed with the STB internal CRM system of MVO Netherlands.
There was a desire to build new web tools and integrate them into the corporate website.

The possibilities in the Drupal 6 system were limited and therefore project sites were built in other systems. That led to a confusing situation for the partners but also for CSR Netherlands itself.
The interfaces with back-end systems were outdated which caused duplication and misuse of systems.
Objectives in the field of marketing and communication could not be reached through the old platform.

“Actual added value, this is what Youwe delivers!”

The result

Youwe has built a portal through which MVO Netherlands can realize their goals for the future. With good links to the underlying CRM system, the administrative activities have been greatly simplified and opportunities for active account management has also been improved. MVO partners may provide targeted information in the future from one convenient place
The new website offers a solid basis for further development.
Youwe has realized the entire process for MVO Netherlands, from design, construction, content migration to the link with the CRM system.
By making use of ‘Panels “, there is a lot of freedom for CSR Netherlands created in the shape of various sections and pages. Also, the extensive use of the taxonomy structure ensured that information can be handled dynamically within the new portal. This way, all relationships are established within the various sections of the website.

Questions about the case?

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Backoffice integrations

Real-time updates

Success factors

  • Profile possibilities for access to various websites with the same credentials
  • Data and content migration without losing data
  • Simple possibilities for editors to manage content
  • Link to the CRM system for managing partner data
  • WordPress site for “ambition 2020 ‘converted and integrated into the new Drupal portal