LOC Healthcare

About the organisation

LOC Healthcare is the largest organizations in the areas of child welfare, mental health (including youth mental health care), social care (Mo / Vo), addiction treatment, care and nursing, home care and welfare. There are 1,500 client councils affiliated with LOC, together they represent around 600,000 clients. LOC has a wide and varied range of services and products that clients of LOC can make use of. Not always immediately visible, but no less important is the work that LOC on behalf of clients and client councils made in the form of discussions and consultations of clients in the care field. LOC serves the government, and other healthcare organizations such as care providers and other agencies. LOC also works with the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa), the Care Assessment Centre (CIZ) and the Central Administration Office (CAK).

“Improved service for more than 600.000 customers.”

The challenge

The immediate reason for building LOC.nl in Drupal 7 was the merger between LOC and LCFJ in 2012. The information from these organizations had to be merged into a new LOC.nl website.
Because of past experiences in which one was dependent on the supplier, it was the express wish to use an open source system.
Given the considerable list of features and requirements that were proposed by LOC, Youwe decided to use Drupal 7. The budget was fixed in advance so the opinion of Youwe was to keep as much as possible to the core of Drupal and to keep customization minimal.

The LOC website had to replace both websites and this had to be achieved within a relatively short time. The contracts of the old site expired and the purpose was that before that time to deliver the new site.
They had previously thought about the ways the site was to be used but LOC had not yet developed a functional design.
The biggest challenge was to build within a short time, a comprehensive site that contained all wishes despite the reduction in budget and time.

“First, understand the priorities of your customer, then you can add value”

The result

Youwe has built a portal through which LOC is able to reach all the defined audiences. Members and member organizations can consult with each other on a protected part of the website. Members can see certain publications free of charge, and can pay to download or to be home delivered. Visitors can register for meetings and webinars. All through a modern, forward-looking Drupal platform.
LOC has received, by trusting in Drupal and Youwe, many reliable functionality in a short time. Timing and budget were fixed and there were sometimes quite elaborate wishes. By making decisions of what was already in Drupal and also relying on knowledge and experience, Youwe has managed to deliver a complete system within budget and time.

Questions about the case?

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Open source

Success factors

  • The site speaks several audiences: both clients and client councils, as well as visitors, politicians and administrators
  • Forums, webinars and a place for contacts / exchange between councils
  • Information is shared through a knowledgebase
  • Publications and training are sold through a shop