About the organisation

For more than 15 years ITmobile has been improving field-dependent organizations through sophisticated software systems. By providing 100% reliable,  factual data  ITmobile makes organizations more transparent and efficient.

ITmobile focuses on companies with field staff which work in different locations. ITmobile records these outside services accurately. This way, employees can work flexibly and can simultaneously calculate the hours to-be-invoiced correctly. Exactly as you would expect.

” More and better leads. That was on the wish list of ITmobile. Through the tool Youwe provided our acquisition process and  follow-up runs smooth as silk. “

The challenge

More leads of better quality. And preferably, a deeper understanding of the context of the leads: challenges, aspirations and worries. Is this not on every company’s wishlist? Also for ITmobile this was the case. With three telemarketers the organization aspired not only to a higher acquisition rate, but also an improved follow-up process.

In the old situation, this work was carried through with Google Analytics network lists based on IP addresses. Only once a month exports were done in Excel. While this was a lot of work, it was certainly not the latest data. Quite often, the list contained companies that had visited the site more than a month ago already resulting in a cumbersome and confusing process.

” Sales Feed really adds to the monitoring and mapping of leads, prospects and customers. ITmobile can not wait until the Belgian traffic is linked ”
Marlies Vringer -. Marketing Manager

The result

The tool promised to track 50% of the visitors’ traffic, but in practice it resulted in a much higher number. ITmobile is able to trackt about 65% of the visiting companies, while the remaining 35% are private IP addresses.

For 50% of the recognized companies, a sales appointment is reached. Also, we are coming again in contact with companies that previously pulled out because of past economic conditions. As the economy recovers, many organizations orient themselves again towards the Ride Registration, Time Registration and / or Fleet Sharing solutions of ITmobile.

Questions about the case?

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Visitor identification

Sales appointments

Success factors

  • Extensive data on website visitors
  • Among others NAW, sector data, Chamber of Commerce
  • Understanding visitor interests
  • Seamless integration with LinkedIn
  • Lead Qualification (prospect, customer) is possible
  • Reporting & Statistics