Foundation “Amazones”

About the organisation

Foundation Amazons is a peer support community. A website created by and for young women with breast cancer. In addition to information on various subjects and events, the website is a special place for peer contact.

“A community website where fellow sufferers can easily get in touch.”

The challenge

Since the first site went live in 2004, the number of visitors grew significantly to 35,000 unique visitors and millions of hits per month. The evidence that young women with breast cancer can here find the needed information and contact.
There was a need for a site of this time, with extended functionality. A website of high quality and easy to use for both visitors and administrators.

Foundation Amazons is completely managend by volunteers. All board members are themselves Amazones, with a full-time job next to it. They also needed a lot of help in designing the new website and also in maintaining it.

“End-user as central focus, so you build a community that gives the feeling of home.”

The result

The website received a complete make-over ‘and become more accessible, more relevant and more user friendly. The number of visitors rose steadily to more than 50,000 unique visitors per month, the percentage of mobile visitors increased to over 50%. In addition, structural cost reduction was achieved in the area of maintenance and hosting. By using Drupal which is a very user-friendly CMS, the volunteers spent considerable less time maintaining the content. But perhaps most importantly, the site is a valuable meeting place for young women with breast cancer.

Our technical knowledge of Drupal and our flexible project approach based on Scrum, enabled us to develop this project at a lower cost and in a shorter time than other parties. Foundation Amazons needed a technical partner rather than a supplier. A party that thinks, proactively and feels responsible for the solution. Amazones Foundation has found this partnership in Youwe.

Questions about the case?

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Mobile visitors

Unique monthly visitors

Success factors

  • Possibility to register and create profile
  • Powerful search functionality, even within sections
  • Webshop, including payment option
  • Ability to donate
  • Ability to launch its own action for the Amazons
  • Advanced forum
  • Activity stream
  • Webinars
  • Blogs and stories linked to profiles