Dutch Municipalities Association

About the organisation

Along with all the municipalities DMA (Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten) stands for empowerment and quality of local government. The DMA supports municipalities in their development towards first government, the government that is closest to citizens and businesses.The local government determines the DMA agenda.
The DMA is a service provider and a platform for opinion formation and regeneration. The DMA is also promotes the interests of all municipalities and thus it is an important partner for other government-related and social organizations.
DMA also supports the municipalities. Exchanging experiences and learning from each other is a priority. DMA informs and advises municipalities on current developments, answers questions and supports individual members. The website of the DMA is an important medium for this purpose.

“Together with Youwe, DMA brings the government closer to the citizen.”

The challenge

A renewal of the system was necessary because the old content management market was becoming absolete.
The new system had to offer trustworthy information in a clear, unambiguous form.
Finally, it should be possible to create sub-sites within the same system as vng.nl. The management of this type of theme sites will be simplified and the cost in terms of costing will decrease.

The challenge was represented by the migration of two (smart site) sites and a newsletter to Drupal. The old system contained a large quantity (40,000+) articles, and the migration had to be realized without the loss of page ranking. A lot was linked to the old site of DMA and so the old links had to remain intact.
DMA would therefore have to renew its website without losing established relationships with other sources.

 Thanks to Youwe, DMA is now capable of manage subsites in an advantageous manner and of continuing the current platform’s development.”

The result

Youwe  has completely migrated the old smart site to a modern Drupal implementation. 40.000 articles are easily accessible and there has been no loss of external links or page ranking. The number of subscriptions of the customized newsletter has doubled. The site is  accessible via smartphone or tablet as well as from a desktop or laptop. Subsites are relatively easy to build within the existing architecture. So it can be quickly reacted to current events when necessary, within the existing system.
The integration of MailChimp and Drupal is fully tailored to the wishes of VNG. The presentation of the enormous amount of data over multiple channels and GridWalker search engine are unique.

Questions about the case?

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Success factors

  • Seamless migration from the old system
  • Trusted information provided in a clear, unambiguous form
  • Possible to create subsites within the same installation as vng.nl
  • Simplified website management
  • Tailored weekly newsletter