Comparison of the top 8 PIM MDM systems


Organizations are dealing with more and more data. Various software programs are available to keep this data organized. An example of such a software program is a Product Information Management system (PIM) or a Master Data Management (MDM) system.

Such a system is nowadays a must for organizations that care about the quality of their data. For example, a PIM-MDM system ensures that the data is stored centrally, in the right way and is easy to enrich and distribute. There are many different PIM-MDM systems on the market, there is certainly no lack of software, but now the question immediately arises for your organization: “Which software package is the right one for my organization?”

Download our whitepaper here and get answers to the following questions:

  • What is the difference between PIM and MDM systems?
  • How do you choose the best PIM or MDM system for your organization?
  • On which conditions have we tested these systems?
  • What are the differences between the selected PIM-MDM systems?
  • What features do these systems have?
  • Which reviews are given to these systems?
  • What is the conclusion?
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