Are you ready for an unforgettable development journey?

Last month our experienced dev team in Amsterdam was asking: “We need new Padawans!” Guys, guys (and girl), what do you mean by that?

Experienced in both Symfony and PIMcore this team has evolved so much. Everyday they have to choose between customisation and standardisation, new and existing business and short and longterm process improvements.

And they’re good at it too! So now they are ready to share that knowledge with you!

Youwe operates within the Champions League of eBusiness en eCommerce. We service clients like Staples, Spinnin’ Records and many more, so we will be expecting a lot from you. Then again, we offer a lot in return. Our business is not only development of complex websites, als development of online specialists. See you soon!


We don’t manage the process, we manage results. With your get-it-done attitude we’re sure you will fix it!

Business & Clients

To be an online specialist you need to know all about your clients’ business. We work for a-level brands and organisations in both eBusiness and eCommerce.


At Youwe you will learn every day. Atlassian is our weapon of choice to make sure teams collaborate more efficient and we learn from each other.

Never give up!

We are unbreakable. Sometimes it’s okay to curse as long as you get it fixed. An exhilarating “YES!” feels so good if it finally works..


  • You have at least 5 years of experience with PHP 5.x and you are an expert in Object Oriented Programming;
  • You worked with projectmanagement methods and -systems, now you are ready to work with JIRA, STASH, BAMBOO!
  • You are not only a code monkey, your business sense is also well-developed. With everything you build for your client, you wonder “Did I just really fix the problem? Or is there a deeper issue at hand?”
  • Eager to learn you are: there is a possibility you spend your evenings and weekend on learning new techniques.


  • We give you the opportunity to develop yourself in our fast-paced organisation. Our knowledge and experience? Take it, it’s yours!
  • As an agile organisation we make sure you’ll be up and running in no-time. You will work on issues and when you achieve the desired quality you can take part of bigger projects. We make use of a DTAP-street so our experienced mediors and seniors can review every code you write!
  • We work in self managing teams so we’ll ask more of you than just writing code. Don’t hesitate to advise your client about our other specialties like SEO.
  • We’re always open to improvement so please be sharp!

Eric Minang
Junior PHP Developer 

“Working as a programmer at Youwe is nothing short of inspiring! There are a lot of talented people around you who see their jobs as a hobby and hence are committed to achieving desired goals at any cost. There are many programs which promote personal growth both in soft skills and in your profession. The cultural diversity also makes for an interesting environment to work in. Don’t take my word for it. Come check it out yourself!”

Please contact Sherina today if you’re interested!